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What is mydenver?

Collage of mydenver faces that says You're so Denver

Denver is special because of its people and places.

mydenver is a celebration of our city. It shines a light on the people who make Denver all that it is, and the city’s unique ability to let people discover their true selves.

From the out-of-town transplants to the born-and-raised, the young and the old, the creatives and the suits, the outdoor enthusiasts and the ones who are a bit more….indoorsy, we all share one thing in common: what we choose to experience in Denver shows us our true selves.

And that’s something worth celebrating. 

It feels a little like this...

A social quote reading, #mydenver is the new milkshake bar on 16th. #COOKIEMONSTERSHAKE @theyardmilkshakebar. @thisismydenver and a hand drawn red heart.

Using #mydenver and tagging @thisismydenver on Instagram, share what makes Denver uniquely yours. 

Where is your favorite new spot, old spot, group or activity? Tell us about events that are happening, where your favorite piece of public art is located, what's going on in the park, and help others find themselves in Denver. 

A photo of the Denver Pavilions, with social copy written over it that says, #mydenver is going out with no plans, and ending the night with new friends! @thisismydenver
A photo of a young asian boy with a blue helmet on a wooden tricyle with social copy written on it that reads, #mydenver is a Sunday morning riding through Downtown with my family.

We want to hear from you!

What makes Denver, YOUR DENVER?

A photo of two people crossing the 16th Stree Mall in Downtown Denver
A photo of Union Station in downtown Denver on a cold winter day.
A photo of a young black man sitting in a park.
A photo of a grandfather holding his grandddaughter.
A photo of the South Platte River in Denver with the REI flagship store in the background.
A photo of two young white women laughing as the ride in a shoppingcart in downtown Denver.

Now Share Your

An animated gif of the blue mydenver logo with a red heart.
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