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If we are going to wear our pride on our sleeves, it better look good.

Dress Your Team

We’ve partnered with local Artist Proof Collective ( to offer brand packs for employees, teams and individuals. Options include: 

PACKAGE A: 20 t-shirts, $250 

PACKAGE B: 10 hats, $125 

PACKAGE C: 100 stickers (4”), $40 

PACKAGE D: 25, 50, or 100 stickers (8”) - includes 25 FREE 4” stickers! 

  • 25 for $40 

  • 50 for $75 

  • 100 for $125 


Co-brand with MyDenver

For custom co-branding opportunities (think: your company logo on the back of a MyDenver t-shirt for a volunteer day downtown), please fill out the order form and our vendor will reach out to you directly. There is a 50-piece minimum for custom t-shirts, a 12-piece minimum for custom hats, and a 100-piece minimum for custom stickers (setup fees apply). 


Individual Items

If you’re interested in an order of a single item or two, please let us know via the order form. . We will let you know when single items are available for order or where we will be giving them away next! 

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